Your Trusted Partner of Wheel Supply from China

Who is ReachTop ?

We provide practical advice and solutions in wheel supply from China


Our Founder, Harvey Chen, has been in wheel industry for over 20+ years

Company started in 2008, supply more than 400,000+ wheels every year

Headquarter in Shanghai, have branch offices in Guangzhou, Taipei, Osaka Japan

Supply wheels to North America, Japan, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia etc.

What we do for you ...

On site inspection

On site testing

Concept design and engineering

New project development, production and delivery

Supply chain advices

Types of Alloy Wheels ...

Gravity/Low Pressure Casting

Cast Flow Forming

Forged 6061-T6

1pc, 2pc and 3pc, welded/bolt-on

Barrels, Center Caps, Beadlock Rings, Lug Nuts